10 More Upcycling Ideas

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10 More Upcycling Ideas

10 More Upcycling Ideas

As the world becomes more and more vulnerable, we find that recycling and upcycling is quickly developing into the ‘norm’. The trouble is, many of us don’t know where to start! So, welcome to another 10 simple upcycling ideas to get you going…

1. Create a unique and industrial style by transforming your favourite bottle caps into funky earrings or a striking necklace. Let your imagination take over with this easy craftsmanship idea, using only thin wire and small pliers!

2. Dress up a plainly coloured clock by placing paint charts cuttings around the edges. Use different shades of the same colour to accommodate your colour scheme, or create a fun and fetching look by assorting an array of brighter shades.


3. Craft well-ordered and stylish garment carriers by sewing small slits into the closed end of a pillow case. Ensure the hole is only wide enough to fit the hooked part of the hanger through, leaving your garment to hang crease-free and remain clean whilst sat in the wardrobe. Ideal for travelling!

4. Fed up of sorting through knotted cables every time you want to find a charger? Fill a larger box with empty toilet paper tubes to create an ideal amount of space for each individual rolled up cord. You’ll never waste time untangling again! яндекс

toilet paper reuse

5. Generate a contemporary and distinguishing feature in your entry hallway or garden shed by simply bending an assortment of wrenches and fixing onto a wall for convenient clothes hooks, using only a couple of solid screws. Perfect for adding storage to the shed or an industrial edge to an otherwise modern home.

6. Perfect for creating an alfresco dining space with charm and resourcefulness, use old bottles or jars as shades for pendant lamps. Simply thread the electrical wire through the jar and attach your bulbs once the fitting is in place.


7. Is your favourite vase full of old cracks and unsightly glue spillages? For an easy transformation that’s both rustically eye-catching and cheap as chips, wrap the vase in raffia paper. Neatly glue the cut end to the neck, so it is horizontally in line with the opening, then coil the remaining cord around the rest of the vase, adding a little glue here and there for extra bonding. With so many colours of raffia now available, you could make an appealing feature that’s suitable for any décor scheme. Otherwise, you can book our house clearance services.

8. To make a charming pet bed that is both transportable and distinctive, use an old suitcase to craft a comfy cradle for your four-legged friend. Merely attach wooden blocks to each corner of the underneath, and fill with a downy cushion. Or, to fit into your décor scheme, line the case and its lid with a complementing fabric, adding a matching cushion in the centre for plush comfort.

pet's bed

9. For a distinct and individual storage solution with added industrial style, mount an old wooden or metal rack onto your kitchen wall. Add hooks for cups, pans and utensils, or simply use as a unique coat rack!

reused rack

10. For cute, creative tea lights, in the colour of your choice, use bottle screwcaps and fill with wax and a wick. Simple!