5 Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Appliances

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Appliances

5 Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Appliances

When you want to know where to dispose of old kitchen appliances it helps to have a few tricks from the experts. To get you off to a flying start we’re going to show you 5 ways you can get it done without any hassle. And because you’ll know how to get rid of old appliances you’ll be able to tell your friends and family when they come to do the same thing!

#1 Sell for Profit

If you have a cooker that’s still in perfect working order then the chances are that someone will take it off your hands for a small profit.

Sites like eBay or Gumtree are ideal if you want to be able to sell at the click of a button. Just make sure that you set a realistic price (you’re not going to recoup all of your money) and give it a good polish before taking the listing photo. That way it’ll stand the best chance of selling fast.


#2 Pay the Store You Bought it From

Lots of stores will offer a first refusal removal service on the appliances they’ve sold you in the past. Others will also remove and recycle kitchen appliances for a small fee when you come to buy new units from them.

This can be a really useful way to save yourself time and money because you can organise the removal and the delivery all at the same time. Just make sure you book the day off work so that they can get in and take your appliances away.

#3 Donate to Charity

There’s always a time and a place for a bit of charitable giving isn’t there folks? You should know that when you looking into where to recycle small kitchen appliances the only options aren’t just the local recycling centres.

Charities will happily take these sorts of appliances off your hands as long as you can get them to the store. Not only is this a free way of disposing of your old units; it also ensures you do your good deed for the day at the same time. What could be better than that?

#4 Give it to a Friend in Need

Ever heard the phrase ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?’ If this rings true for a friend of yours then why not make their day by giving them something that will make their life easier? Don’t feel the need to charge them for it. After all, they’re doing you a favour by helping you clear some much needed space for your new appliance!

#5 Phone CJG Today

When you want to know where to recycle kitchen appliances there’s no better option than the team here at CJG. With one quick call we’ll be able to give you a price and a time estimate for your job that you can rely on.


Ideal if you want the peace of mind that only comes from dealing with the best in the business.