6 Ways to Improve Your Garden

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6 Ways to Improve Your Garden

6 Spring Gardening Steps

Well, spring is here, and with it comes milder weather, more daylight, and…gardens in need of some TLC. Our plants and lawns suffer through some harsh conditions during the winter, so by the time March comes around, it’s definitely time to start giving them some serious love. We’re also in the precursor to summer, so now is the time to start preparing the garden for its time to shine! Here are our top tips for spring gardening:

Lawn mowing service

1. Prepare the Lawn

A tidy lawn will make the rest of the garden seem much more manageable. If you mow your own lawn, clean out your lawnmower to prepare for the season and then get mowing. If you have overgrown areas that you can’t get to, just mow where you can and revisit these tricky areas after you’ve tidied up a little. Of course, if you prefer to have your lawn serviced, then now is the time to call a local gardening company!

Hedge trimming

2. Trim Your Hedges & Trees

If you have hedges or trees in your garden, they’re bound to get a bit messy during the winter months. Now’s the time to get them looking neat and tidy again! Invest in some high quality hedge cutters and, if you’re not used to chopping hedges, go easy and bit by bit. For larger jobs, particularly trees, you may want to get a professional involved; tree surgeons offer experience, which means a safer and quicker job done!


3. Get Rid of Weeds

Yep, we’re still on the tidying up part of spring gardening! It might not be interesting, but it is necessary in order to move on to the more interesting bits! Go through your flowerbeds, as well as any patios or brickwork you have, and pull out those weeds. Use a weed-killer if you need to, but we definitely recommend a more natural, homemade one rather than one full of nasty, toxic chemicals. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a much clearer view of your garden so that you can start planning.


4. Start Composting

If you composted last year, there’s no doubt you’ll be keen to do so again this year. And if you didn’t, spring is most certainly the time to start! Composting can provide you with effective fertiliser for next year’s planting; what’s more – it’s free AND eco-friendly. What more could you ask for? Add your gardening debris, along with water and a compost bioactivator, and turn regularly. Voila!


5. Fertilise Your Soil

Well-fertilised soil is crucial for successful planting. If you’re a composter, now’s the time to put all of the last year’s hard work to good use. Spread around your shrubs and beds to get your garden plant ready! And if you’re not a composter? We’ve already covered this, but maybe it’s time to start!


6. Start Planting

Well, this is the bit it’s all about, right? The fun part! It’s time to make your garden look pretty and welcoming, by planting all kinds of beautiful flowers and shrubbery. You might still have some from last year, all ready to blossom again, or you might be starting from scratch. Choose what it is you’d like to plant and research when is best to start. It’s good to have a nice mix of shrubbery, flowers, and vegetables, but really, it’s all about what you prefer! Happy spring gardening!