How to recycle electronics in the UK

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How to recycle electronics in the UK


According to many studies, people in the UK keep many unnecessary things at home and do not want to get rid of unused things. Find out in this article how to recycle electronics in the UK and clean up your house.

There are several easy options for recycling electronics:

  • pass it on to friends or family;
  • find an online/offline exchange service;
  • sell it online;
  • sell through social networks;
  • reuse it;
  • donate to a charity (such as a women’s shelter center or a homeless shelter);
  • recycle it.

How to dispose of electronics

It is essential to never throw away old electronic gadgets. Of course, you may get rid of your old electronic gadgets but never toss them directly into the container to be sent to a dump. In doing so, your old electronics can seep dangerous and toxic chemicals into the soil, polluting the ground. As a result, it is crucial to properly dispose of electronics to prevent this from happening.

City Junk & Gardening Ltd  is a specialized part of the garbage and recycling industry. Therefore, you must carefully follow the City Junk & Gardening Ltd guidelines to ensure that your old electronics are responsibly recycled.

TVs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with screens must be disposed of carefully and safely. This is because some elements inside electronic appliances are dangerous – lead, mercury, and other substances can be removed from old monitors and circuit panels – which indicates that you are sowing potentially harmful materials in the soil that can negatively influence people’s health, as well as wildlife.

What parts of the gadget can be recycled?

We think of electronics as complete devices, so sometimes we don’t know what they are made of. For instance, about 80% of phones are recyclable, so actually if you have spare elements,  they can be also recycled. In certain, the following elements can be recycled:

  • batteries;
  • bezel;
  • printed circuit boards (mainboards);
  • memory chips.

How are electronic components disposed of?

The recycling method for components differs for each local recycling plant, so it is essential to check with your local recycling center to be sure. Generally, most areas include the following:

  1. Collection – Once you have arranged a cost for your old electronics or electronic parts with a recycling firm, you will ship them.
  2. Shredding – Your electronic appliances and components are shredded into tiny parts to provide a more clear separation of their components.

Sorting and separation. The strong magnet can divide any useful metals from the waste streams on the conveyor, letting valuable materials to be reused/sold in the future.