Make 2018 Greener Than Ever

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Make 2018 Greener Than Ever

Make 2018 Greener Than Ever

With a new year now well and truly under way what could be better than getting your 2018 off to the greenest start possible?

At City Junk & Gardening we’re always looking for ways to help spread the green word, after all it’s everyone’s planet so the least we can do is help look after it for our kids and grandkids! Take a look at these easy to follow tips that will help you make 2018 the greenest year on record!

Walking Is Amazing!

Need to grab a bottle of milk or drop the kids off at their friend’s house around the corner? If you take a few minutes longer by walking you’re not wasting precious time, far from it! You’re doing something amazing to help protect the environment: you’re developing a healthy habit that will last a lifetime.


Before you know it the whole family will be following your example and you’ll be happier for the exercise and fresh air as it becomes a natural part of your day.

Start Composting

The amount of food waste that we throw away is staggering; take it from a team that spends every working day carting the stuff away. People around the world would look at us like we were from another planet if they saw how much delicious and nutritious food we dumped in landfill. Now we aren’t saying you need to eat everything yourself after it has gone out of date, far from it! But if you start composting you can give your food to a whole world of little critters who think it is the tastiest meal they have ever had the pleasure of sinking their teeth into. Once they’re full up and done eating you’re left with rocket fuel for your garden. Perfect for growing your own veg and completing the cycle.

Bags Are For Life Not Just For Easter

Plastic bags are something that we have all seen spoiling the most remote of natural scenes, blowing around never to degrade. Millions are used once and thrown in the bin every year, and what for? A little bit of convenience that is helping to slowly kill off an entire planet? When you put it like that it really isn’t worth it is it? We love bags for life. They’re much stronger and more durable, more comfortable in your hand, and you can fit much more in them. They only cost £1 and are a great way to do your bit and give Mother Nature a helping hand.


There we have it folks, three simple ways that you can do your bit to help make the planet a better place. If you stop and ask yourself will this actually make a difference let us assure you that the answer is most certainly a resounding YES!

The planet is not just ours, it’s something to be enjoyed by our children and our children’s children. Future generations will look back and say: ‘why didn’t they do more’ if we don’t make a few simple changes. And when we all work together a few simple changes go a long way…

Happy Easter Folks!