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Green Resolutions

Many people wait until the new-year to make a change in their lives. We say why wait so long, make a change to help our planet today by adopting our green resolutions.


Food waste is something that every household produces on a daily basis. Every year the people of London throw away millions of pounds of food, with the vast majority of it left to rot in landfill sites that are then infested with scavengers like rats and sea gulls. Why not put the natural goodness of your left overs or gone off foods to good use by making your own compost heap. Not only will it help reduce your landfill footprint, overtime you will produce great quality natural fertiliser. The perfect fuel for growing your own organic vegetables in the garden or up the allotment.


The majority of containers in your household waste will be split into three distinct categories; plastics, tin, and glass. Millions of which are thrown away or discarded without a care every year, all contributing to the bulging waste line of the capital’s landfill sites, or cluttering up the beautiful green areas due to littering and fly tipping. Most councils will offer a recycling service, but they can be as infrequent as every 3 weeks. This can make it tempting to just bag up and bin your buildup of bits and bobs. Don’t let that stop you in your mission to save the planet! Box up your haul and take them to your nearest recycling centre.

Clothing Banks

Millions of items of clothes are thrown away every year, but why not put them all to good use. Those that are still in good condition, if not a bit too small for you or a little out of fashion, you can donate to a charity shop. What better way to reduce your rubbish than by being able to give to a good cause. For items that are a bit worse for ware, don’t just throw them away, take them to a clothing bank. The cloth can be reused for all manner of new pieces and put to good use.

Amazon boxes

Every house will no doubt face the problem of what to do with all the packaging that their Amazon purchases come in. Whilst they are lightweight, they take up ungodly amounts of space in your recycling bin, so why not try and make use where you can. Keep some of the smaller boxes intact for storing items around the house. Ideal choices could be tools and knick knacks in the shed or garage, or how about the children’s ever expanding Lego collection. For the larger ones you haven’t found a use for just yet, why not flat pack them and store in the loft. Perfect for when you need to send a package, move house, or have a good old spring clean.

Bags for Life

Plastic carrier bags get absolutely everywhere. You get a dozen or so every week with the weekly shop, a load more when you pop out for break and milk on a Sunday morning, and a couple every time you pick up the paper. They blow around the most beautiful green areas making a nuisance of themselves, take centuries to degrade, and they aren’t even that good at holding your stuff as you get from place to place. Many shops now offer a bag for life, often for as little as 10p. These bags are sturdy and built to last. For just a couple of pounds you can even buy fashionable tote bags. The stylish way to carry your shopping or gym kit. Why not invest in a couple of bags for life today, and stop acquiring those plastic pests!

So there you have it, five quick and easy changes you can make today. Not only do they help save the planet by reducing waste and keeping it tidy, you also reap the benefits in your pocket at the end of each month. From free storage and cheap reusable bags, to charitable donations and rocket fuel for your garden, our green waste resolutions have benefits as long as your arm.