Skip Bags – Are They Really the Best Option on the Market?

Нome / Skip Bags – Are They Really the Best Option on the Market?


Skip Bags – Are They Really the Best Option on the Market?

Skip Bags – Are They Really the Best Option on the Market?

If you’re in the process of looking for some help with a large-scale clearance, then the chances are you will find a lot of sites and companies proclaiming that skip bags are the next big thing. As passionate movers of all kinds of junk and rubbish ourselves, we wanted to delve into the detail and figure out whether they really are the best on the market.

What are they?

If you haven’t heard of a skip bag, they’re actually quite a simple idea: big bag that is the size of a small skip and lightweight enough to be posted to you in the mail. They are durable enough to take all kinds of rubble and abrasive items, and are designed to hold their shape as they fill, unlike a standard 60 L rubble bag that can fall over for example.

Why are they popular?

They’re marketed as a convenient alternative to hiring a skip. They are cheaper, and arrive in the post, so already they have the unsightly skip beaten on two counts. There are however a number of drawbacks that we feel we should let our customers know about.

Skip Bags

Tell us the drawbacks

Whilst the cost and delivery are much better, they still suffer from the same intrinsic drawback as the conventional skip. Once you fill it up, it is still sat on the street outside your home for days, maybe even weeks whilst you wait for someone to take it away.

There is then an additional drawback when you factor in that they will typically be smaller than even a modest sized conventional skip. So not only are you left with an unsightly pile of junk right outside your front door, but you can’t get rid of as much of it as you could when the traditional skip company decides to show up.

The City Junk & Gardening approach

As hard workers who love the waste removal and disposal business, we always welcome new and innovative approaches that make customer’s lives easier. What we would say though, is that your choice isn’t solely between whether to a hire a skip or to get a skip bag. There is a third way, and that’s to hire the pros to fill up on your junk, and take it away straight away.

Proud to offer the best prices in the capital

In fact, with one of our removal vans we’re able to remove a staggering 12 cubic yards of rubbish for just £250. Now how does that compare to the skip bag? Whilst they may seem like a bright new idea, they can only hold approximately 4.5 cubic yards for a total of £200. That’s more than twice the price for what you get, and we haven’t even factored in that we will do all the moving and heavy lifting for you. When you add in that you have to load your skip bag yourself, then wait days and days for it to be taken away, then it is crystal clear how far ahead of the competition our prices and services are.

The next time you need a helping hand shifting all manner of junk, rubbish, or rubble, don’t be taken in by slick advertising and new concepts that tell you they have the answer. Just make one call to City Junk & Gardening and let us do the hard lifting for you. That way you know that come the end of the day, the junk will be long gone, not just piled up in front of your house for the next couple of weeks.