Smart Ideas That Will Boost Your Household Recycling

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Smart Ideas That Will Boost Your Household Recycling

Smart Ideas That Will Boost Your Household Recycling

Recycling is the backbone of running the eco-friendly home that you can be proud to call your own. When it comes to putting your bins out however it can be a different story. It’s dirty with food waste, nothings separated, and you are in a rush on your way to work.

Sometimes you may get away with it but on other days the recycling lorry seems to leave your stuff by the side of the road because you didn’t spend an age that morning sorting through it. Then you have to store it for another couple of weeks and it starts to get in the way. We’ve all been there.

There are however a few quick and easy changes you can make to your household recycling campaign so that you can put your bins on the curb come recycling day and stroll calmly back into the house ready to enjoy the rest of your coffee safe in the mind that you have done your bit to help the planet.

Recycle Bin

Step 1: Make Space for Separation

Separating your recyclables does take a fair bit of floor space to get it right. Devote a little bit of space in the garage or outside where you can roll your sleeves up and get to work. With enough space and a good routine, you’re already halfway there.

Step 2: Find the Right Bins

Every council runs their recycling system a little differently. Most will ask you to separate your tins, glass, paper, and plastics. Others may also provide additional bins for electronics and garden waste. Do a little research online and you’ll be sure to find an easy to follow diagram of everything that your council will help you recycle. You never know, you may have been filling up your black bin bags for years with items you could recycle just because there is another bin available that you didn’t know about.

Step 3: Place Bins Around the Home

People will often be put off from recycling because it requires them to go out of their way, so design your household so they don’t have to! Put a small bin in the kitchen and another on the landing or in the hallway so that people never have to walk more than a few paces to do their bit for the environment.

Step 4: Get Everyone Engaged

Get your partner, kids, housemates, everyone who uses your home involved in your project. Once everyone is engaged you’ll find they naturally pick up new habits that make your task of taking the bins out on recycling day a walk in the park.

Wheelie recycling bins

Step 5: Keep Improving

When you get into the habit of recycling you’ll soon start thinking about all the other items and materials you can recycle. Clothes and fabrics are a prime example. You may never see a curb-side collection, but if your clothes are too worn to be donated to charity then a quick drive to your nearest supermarket carpark may be in order. You’ll be amazed at the number of large recycling banks you’ll find in public places so get out there and keep striving to improve how green your home is.

One thing is for sure, come recycling day you’ll be glad you did as you sit there enjoying the rest of your coffee.