The Time To Think Green Has Arrived

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The Time To Think Green Has Arrived

The Time To Think Green Has Arrived

At City Junk & Gardening we love to read because it gives us the opportunity to learn all manner of new and exciting things that we can then add to our lives. Recently we were sat out in the garden enjoying a delicious BBQ with a whole host of guests. The setting was relaxing, the food was wonderful, and the evening was so much fun.

When we went back inside at the end of the night we were greeted by a mountain of washing up and food scraps that we had to get through before breakfast. That got us thinking: is there a better way to make use of all of our unwanted organic waste? The answer was starring us in the face the whole time: let’s make a compost heap to give our garden a healthy green touch.

Own vegetables

So, what are the reasons you should do the same?

No More Landfill

A staggering 25% of waste that arrives at landfill can be thrown onto household compost heaps and put back into the soil. That’s a massive reduction right there.

Fight Those Greenhouse Gases

When rubbish is left to rot in landfill it releases all manner of harmful greenhouse gases that can compound the problem of global warming. By simply chucking your food scraps onto your compost pile you can do your bit to drastically reduce the atmosphere’s methane levels!

Grow Your Own Vegetables

With a compost heap you not only get a convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your kitchen waste, you also have the ability to grow anything that takes your fancy. As your compost heap grows it literally comes to life and produces a nutrient-rich fertiliser that will take your garden to the next level. Perfect for growing the juiciest tomatoes and biggest potatoes that you have ever seen.

A Natural Pesticide

That’s right you read it right, a compost heap keeps pests away. No longer will you have to spray all manner of chemicals to keep those pests and nasties at bay. Now you can let Mother Nature do her thing as your garden blossoms into a little corner of heaven that you will love to relax in at the end of along day.

Give Your Soil Some TLC

Over the years your soil leads quite a hard life. Starved of rainfall for large periods of time and yet constantly forced to supply nutrition to your beloved plants. After a while it starts to erode as the top few layers become completely depleted of their natural goodness. With your compost pile acting as a constant conveyor belt of nutrient-rich fertiliser all you need to give your soil some much needed TLC is spread on a good helping every couple of months.

Make Your Garden Biodiverse

With all manner of tasty organic treats mixing together in your pile you can create the natural blend of fertiliser that is far better than anything store bought. Mix it into your soil and you’ll be able to introduce a natural balance to your flower beds and vegetable patch like never before.

The next time you think about what to do with those food scraps, think about how easy it is to start your own compost heap. One things for sure, when you do you’ll see the benefit in your garden straight away as everything comes to life when you sit outside on those long sunny evenings.