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City Junk & Gardening is a leading waste management and gardening services company. We work all year round to keep the City of London looking its best, all at prices that anybody can afford. If you live in the City of London, rubbish collection can be expensive and unreliable, so why not come to the experts on our team, and let us do the hard yards. The services we offer don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you will have plenty of time and money left over to spend on the things in life that matter.

As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect customer experience, so we  only hire the most skilled and experienced workers out there. The team never leave early or cut corners, because they genuinely care about doing the best job possible. If you need help, then they have the answers if you live in the City of London. Waste disposal at regular intervals is an easy and affordable way to keep on top of things, all helping to keep the tidiest and best presented part of the capital: the City of London. Refuse collection is the backbone of our business, so we offer all manner of services, regular pickups, house clearance, large clearances, you name we do it. City of London waste collection: the only way to do your bit and keep the borough beautiful.

When you hire us for rubbish collection, you are buying the peace of mind that you only get by handing over money to the experts, in full knowledge that the job will get done right the first time. Our green waste disposal service is also something to look out for, we remove any and all garden waste, and reduce the landfill footprint of the City of London. Waste removal services don’t have to cost your whole pay packet, and they don’t have to be yet another way in which rubbish piles up in landfill, creating an eyesore for someone else. City Junk & Gardening care about the planet, just as much as we care about spreading our long established reputation for perfect customer service.

So if you live in the City of London, garbage collection fees will never be as low, and the levels of service never as high, as when you use the experts at City Junk & Gardening. It’s an expensive life when you live in the City of London, garbage disposal doesn’t need to add to that, and with us on your side it won’t. Through years of experience we have got our services down to a fine art. By getting the job done right quickly and efficiently, we can pass the savings onto you, our valued customers.

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