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City Junk & Gardening is all about working hard to get the job done so that you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on taking Westminster rubbish collection to new heights by focusing on the customer. By being a company people can always rely on to provide impeccable service our goal is to redefine how people view Westminster rubbish collection.

Our business has been helping make lives easier for a long time. With experience comes a refreshingly efficient approach to work that allows us to pass on our savings to you in the form of low affordable prices. Living in London is all about exploring everything that this great city has to offer, and there is no place more historic or steeped in culture than Westminster. Refuse collection is one of the many cogs in this centuries old machine which keeps on turning day and night. By offering Westminster waste collection to everyone who needs it we are proud to do our bit to serve the people and businesses of this fine borough.

We never limit ourselves because we believe it limits what people can ask us for. That’s why when we talk about Westminster waste disposal we want to make it clear that we are the most helpful and adaptable company in the market. The list of services we offer is guaranteed to meet all of your garbage collection needs no matter where you are or how large your business is.

Rubbish Collection City of Westminster

Let’s jump ahead for a minute and tell you all about some of our exciting new additions. We now offer an expert tree service so that you can even get a helping hand dealing with damaged or fallen trees with a single phone call. Perfect for that peace of mind that you have assistance at the other end of the line when you need it most. We’ve also adapted our garbage collection offerings to encompass garden waste collection of all kinds so that you can stop your pride and joy being overrun  by clippings and offcuts as you get ready for those long summer evenings.

We’re also proud to partner with businesses under our Westminster commercial waste collection options that the area is currently demanding like never before. Irrespective of which industry you are in or how large or small your premises are, all you have to do is let us know you need some help and we’ll get in one of our trucks and head your way.

The last thing that we want to let you know about are our house clearance and Westminster furniture collection options. The perfect services when you are in need of some help renovating, getting ready for new tenants, or in need of a serious spring clean.

Call today and hear firsthand how we will provide you with the help you need at minimal cost. What are you waiting for?

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