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When you pick up the phone to ask for a helping hand what do you expect? If the answer is that you want to have the ear of someone who is looking to go the extra mile to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the job then you have come to the right place. At City Junk we love nothing more than putting smiles on your faces. Welcome to our world!

When people think about the jobs that make the local community what it is they think of the big headline grabbing projects, they rarely think of rubbish removal. New Addington will tell you for a fact that if the basics aren’t done right it will have a massive detrimental impact on the state of play for every business and household. When you step outside your door you don’t want to see over-grown gardens, piles of junk, and litter on every street corner. You want to see manicured green spaces and fellow happy faces! That in short is why we put so much stock in rubbish collection. New Addington deserves nothing but the best and we are absolutely determined to give it to you folks!

Waste Disposal New Addington

The art of waste disposal New Addington can rely on may sound like something novel, but we’ve been doing it for a long time throughout the nation’s capital. Every passing week we’re getting big-ger, our name is spreading, and we are making our way closer and closer to your door. Ask around and your neighbours will have heard of us. If you don’t believe us then take a look at that pristine garden next door because the chances are that we lent a hand to make it what it is today!

Whether you want something small, or a huge one-off rubbish clearance New Addington only has to pop our number in its contacts list and give us a call. Because when you deal with the City Junk team that’s all it takes to get things done.

When you pick up the phone and ask for a waste collection New Addington businesses know what they’re getting: unbeatable service that prides itself on going the extra mile. When you call our number and ask for a New Addington waste disposal you know you’re getting the best money can buy, and all for a price that every household can readily afford. We think you get the picture!

Whether you want a rubbish disposal New Addington is already raving about, a waste removal New Addington can set its watch to, or even a one-day house clearance New Addington needs to welcome the new tenants to the neighbourhood, look no further than your one stop shop for all things junk!

To hear how our team can give your household or business the extra shine that you have been looking for get in touch today. Once you try us for the first time we know that you’ll never have to shop around again!

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