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At City Junk & Gardening, we simply love what we do, because we are a waste management and gardening company that makes a difference to the local community. By waking up at the crack of dawn every morning with a goal to provide Enfield with the best service possible, we stay motivated and smiling all year around.

If you live in or around Enfield, rubbish collection is probably costing you an arm and a leg, and why should have to bear that cost one moment longer? The quick answer is you don’t, Enfield! Waste collection shall be affordable and punctual from this day forward when you hire our waste collection company.

Enfield front garden trimming

We offer Enfield refuse collection services at times and places to suit you. We won’t rest until we get that garden waste out of your lovely new garden, so we also now offer Enfield garden services. Far more than a team who just empties your bins once a week, we will take that outdoor garden waste to as many green recycling banks as we can. Anything other than leaving it to rot in landfill, which when you think about it is really no good for anyone.

If you would like to hire a pair of dedicated green fingers once your outdoor space or garden has been cleared, don’t go searching elsewhere for a reputable gardener, just come to us and we will be delighted to turn our hand to anything that you can dream up. From our hands-on tree service where we will tackle any tree you like, to the quickest fencing services in London, get it all covered in one swift and friendly visit. No stress, no hidden costs; just the benefit of elbow grease and some expert green fingers.

One aspect of the job we love is shifting and clearing those non-standard items. They get us thinking about how to get them out and loaded, so that our skills stay sharp and we get a great workout at the same time. If you have been putting off getting rid of the Christmas tree, just give us a call and it will be gone in minutes. Or, how about a comprehensive Enfield furniture collection to get the old stuff you no longer want straight out the door? Need even more than that, Enfield? House clearance is another of our specialties. We love the feeling of walking through your empty property just a few hours after we turned up, surveying our handiwork and a job well done!

So, there you have it: green-fingered gardening services and rubbish clearance all wrapped up in one easily affordable and flexible package. No matter your waste disposal needs, from clearances and repeat collections, to commercial contracts and one-off bulky items, we cater for it all.

To find out how we can provide you with the perfect waste management and green waste collection solutions, contact us today to hear more!

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