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City Junk & Gardening is London’s best kept secret when it comes to waste removal, tree surgery and garden maintenance. As a company that loves to make a true difference to the world, we aim to tidy up London with levels of service and prices that will knock your socks off!

We’re sure that, as a resident of Hammersmith and Fulham, rubbish collection is definitely not one of your favourite topics of conversation. The cost can make you wince, and the services on offer to you just don’t do justice to the history of Hammersmith and Fulham. Waste collection is on the way up though, so don’t panic.

You are now dealing with a company that cares about the customer and the quality of their work, rather than one that is in the business purely to make as much money as possible. We will move heaven and earth to offer Hammersmith and Fulham refuse collection services that are the best in London. We know that the majority of the custom in our industry comes from repeat business or word of mouth referrals, so it is essential for our astounding growth to continue that we keep our quality of service sky high. A key way that we can truly demonstrate to you that we care is by being as flexible and accommodating as physically possible.

We never constrain the scope of a job to a rigid set of criteria buried away in a contract or online. If you need a full heavy duty house clearance, then that is what you get when we turn up. No excuses, no problems with the van or lorry, no long tea breaks. Just honest hard graft that we are proud of and you will be glad of. One more thing: when we say no job is too small, we really mean it in Hammersmith and Fulham. Furniture collection from residential properties is actually one of our most frequent jobs, so no matter what you have in mind, give us a call today!

Hammersmith and Fulham rubbish collection from commercial properties is also no problem, we give both residential and commercial customers the access to the same professional services and sweat-inducing work ethic.

Rather than being satisfied with offering the very best Hammersmith and Fulham rubbish collection, we are also branching out into gardening (pun intended), and all manner of different removal and disposal work. Offering lawn care services, tree surgery, fencing installation, and much, much more, we provide a full service to any client who needs it.

So, there you have it folks! To find out how we can provide you with best Hammersmith and Fulham waste disposal, and much more, contact us today. You’ll be amazed at what we have up our sleeve!

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