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The Masters of Clapham Common Waste Removal Have Arrived!

City Junk is proud to announce that we have arrived at your door, ready and waiting to lend the helping hand that you have been looking for. We know that when you try us the first time you’ll never have to Google around looking for an extra pair of hands ever again. Let’s take a look at why our team is the best in the business.

When it comes to a rubbish removal Clapham Common can rely on we’ve proven over and over that we are the only team for the job. Come rain or shine we’ve got you covered so that you can power on with your day and leave the heavy lifting to our team. That in short is the world of City Junk rubbish disposal. Clapham Common may feel like it has been left in the dark ages when it comes to rubbish collection, Clapham Common you’re wrong! With the City Junk team on the case you’ve never had such an array of options when it comes to the world of waste disposal. Clapham Common has never had it so good!

Clapham Common Rubbish Collection

We refuse to put limits on the jobs that we’ll take a look at because we know that ultimately we are here to serve you. No matter what you would like a helping hand with we’ll move heaven and earth to make sure that we power through all of your junk and complete your rubbish clearance. Clapham Common deserves nothing but our best, so that’s the goal we set ourselves every single morning when our alarm clock goes off.

The world of waste removal Clapham Common is used to is one full of cancelled appointments and jobs that overrun. That’s no good to anyone and by offering a service you can set your watch to we’re determined to give you the service that your hard work deserves. No matter what your budget or time constraint we know that we have the team that will come through for you come rain or shine, in fact we love the rain, because we know that no other company will be working as hard as we are when the clouds start showering.

Another thing we love to offer is a simple periodic waste collection. Clapham Common deserves a level of service that it can rely on and takes some weight off the shoulders of its hard working business owners, and that’s exactly what we are offering today. On top of that we’ll even take care of your house clearance. Clapham Common needs a team that will make sure its rental properties are clean and tidy ready for the new tenants. It may sound like a small thing, but you improve everything by a little bit here and there and you are looking at a whole new neighbourhood.

Getting started with our team couldn’t be easier, all it takes is a quick phone call and we’ll get busy with whatever you want to put us to work on first. Perfect for the peace of mind that you’re working with a team that has everything covered.

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