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City Junk & Gardening has always taken Lewisham waste collection seriously. We are a company that works night and day to provide the levels of service that our hard working customers deserve, and always at affordable prices that are never beyond anyone’s means.


When you think of a diverse and vibrant area, you think of Lewisham. Rubbish collection may not seem like it plays a big role in that at first, but without it this beautiful area would soon lose its shine. To do our bit towards keeping the borough looking is best, we focus on providing the best Lewisham refuse collection money can buy. For too long Lewisham rubbish collection has been on of the sore points with hard working residents across the area, and rightly so. Unreliable, overpriced, and just plain bad. All legitimate grievances that people have had, and that we are now working around the clock to put right. Throw out your old contacts, and give us a call next time you need a pair of willing helping hands.

Lewisham refuse collection is something that we focus on as company because we want to get it right. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit in the bin, just ask for our new furniture removal option: the perfect way to get rid of those unwanted bulky items in seconds. We know that waste comes in all shapes and sizes, so that is why we always strive to innovate and offer rubbish removal options that will meet your needs. After all, it is no use offering rigid options if none of them actually does what you need.

Our services aren’t limited to just getting rid of black bags and bulky waste though! Lewisham garden waste collection is another speciality of ours, and we even offer professional gardening services to boot. Now you can have all the help and expertise that you need to transform your green space into the oasis you have always dreamed about, and all it takes is one quick and easy phone call to the people in the know. To make sure that everything ends up in the right place for the planet, we are the experts when it comes to green waste collection so that all your waste does its bit for the environment. Lewisham waste disposal has never had such a diverse range of services, but wait there’s more! We can even lend a hand with complex tree surgery, proof that there is nothing our dedicated and friendly team can’t handle.

Even if you need a full-scale house clearance, just give us a call today. We’ll keep the cost down and work nonstop until the job is done to your exacting specifications. Now we can’t say fairer than that can we?

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