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A Bonanza Has Hit Bellingham

When it comes to rubbish removal, Bellingham residents and businesses can now sleep easy knowing that they have the number of a team that they can trust in any and all weather. Why? Because you’ve just met the people of City Junk & Gardening!


We have spent years and years perfecting the art of the humble rubbish collection. Bellingham resident’s who lived in this great little pocket of London before your time will tell you that they have struggled for over a decade to find a reliable company that they can trust. Now that we’re on the case this issue has simply disappeared. Coincidence? We think not! The issue of a reliable and affordable Bellingham rubbish clearance has been on our minds for some time. As we’ve continued to grow over the years we’ve kept an eye on the local area, and now is the time where we can offer you our best in class rubbish collection! Bellingham no longer has to twiddle its thumbs and hope for the best when it puts in a call for an urgent job. Now the people of this great area can have a lie in whilst we take care of everything. Perfect right?

We are masters of any type of junk removal. Bellingham is an area that hundreds of businesses and thousands of hardworking residents are proud to call home. That’s why we believe that the least we can do is lend a helping hand when you need us to! When you put it like that, business becomes more about helping people than it does about heading out the door trying to make a profit out of people. That’s great for us because we live by the philosophy that if we do the best job we possibly can, the rest will take care of itself.

We love what we do and we never stop thinking about ways that we can make things easier for every single one of our much-loved customers. We know that your time is a commodity that you are quite rightly protective of. You don’t want to spend your lunch break sat waiting on hold, and you don’t want to spend your evenings chasing contractors on the phone. To make sure that those days never happen when you deal with City Junk we make sure we take your call. That’s it, it’s simple and yet brilliant. Aren’t the best ideas the ones that throw away all the extra bits and pieces and concentrate solely on what matters?

Don’t let our name fool you though Bellingham! “Tree service asap please!” is one of the most common requests at this time of year. No matter what you need a helping hand with, whether it be indoors or out, we make sure that we come through for you come rain or shine. Now we can’t say fairer than that can we folks!

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