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Rubbish removal and waste disposal in Brockley

The City Junk and Gardening team know a thing or two about how to sort a rubbish removal. Brockley may have lost faith in companies who promise the world and ultimately deliver nothing, but luckily for you that’s where we’re oh so different! We promise we’ll get the job done, then we turn up and get the job done. Nothing less, nothing more; now that’s what we call making business simple again!


When you have been in need of a waste removal Brockley residents like yourself have had to flip a coin and see if the people they hired actually turned up on the day. We know that that’s unacceptable so we spend our time thinking: how can we get better at carrying out a rubbish clearance? Brockley is an area with a unique set of challenges so it’s just as well that we spend our time learning, practicing, and improving. That when you need a rubbish disposal, Brockley business owners just like you can pick up the phone, place a job, and then think no more about it. All the while sleeping with the peace of mind that the right team for the job is on the case.

When it comes to waste disposal Brockley business owners have grown tired of the broken promises and hidden fees that turn what starts as great relationship into something you simply cannot handle the stress of dealing with. We don’t want your lives to be like that, we want you to have the time and energy to focus on what you do best. After all, that sort of approach is better for all of us in the long run isn’t it?

We offer a simple rubbish collection Brockley can set its clock to, but don’t let our language and style of writing fool you. Because we keep it simple we actually have more time and energy to devote to those awkward one-time-only jobs that so few contractors take on. Instead we think: “this is a serious chance to learn and improve whilst we help out someone who really needs us. Let’s do it!” We love the feeling of completing another waste collection, Brockley residents love the satisfaction of seeing their stuff disappear into thin air without them having to do anything, and the area stays nice and tidy. Surely that’s an unbeatable win-win for all concerned?

Don’t let the name fool you though, we’re just a company that loves to lend a helping hand! Our Brockley tree service was only launched a few months ago and is already growing from strength to strength. From a sapling to a mighty oak in under a year if you pardon the pun! Not only that, but word is also spreading about our house clearance Brockley exploits. Good news travels fast, what can we say!

To hear more about how we can help you conquer your garden, keep our neighbourhood tidy, or shift that pile of junk out of the spare room, get in touch with the junk professionals today. There’s no job big too big or too small, but there is only one number you should call: make it City Junk & Gardening.

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