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If you would like to try the easiest rubbish removal Beckton has ever seen then you’re certainly in luck! With everything you need taken care of with just a single phone call to the team here at City Junk you can rest assured that you’re in the best possible hands! Let’s take a look at how we’ve been helping hard working people just like you for years…


Our story begins with an ambition. An ambition to simplify rubbish disposal. Beckton residents and business owners alike have long struggled with getting rid of their mountains of junk and piles of waste. What would start as a seemingly simple task of finding a contractor to take a few extra bins a week would soon snowball into an endless series of let downs and last minute changes of plan, all whilst normal life seemed to race on by. We know that that way of life isn’t something any of us aspire to, so we decided to change things for the people of Beckton. Waste disposal needed a bright future, and we were determined to lead the way for Beckton waste disposal!

We knew that there was more to it than emptying a few extra bins for people. Some people are hard working landlords and they would need access to a reliable and affordable house clearance. Beckton is a ward that has a rich history of renters and students moving from all over the nation’s capital just to be here. That’s why we made it a priority from day one to provide the comprehensive range of services that real people just like you have been crying out for. We understand how you think because we’re one of you ourselves. We work hard, we love to relax in our free time, and we appreciate the things in life that take a weight off our shoulders and make things easier.

Our goal from that first day until right now has not changed, and it won’t change 100 hundred years from now when we’ll still be going strong! It is to give real people the help and assistance that they need to get stuff done, and all at rates that anyone can readily afford. Our mission is not to make as much profit as possible at the expense of a few people. It’s to help as many people as possible in an affordable and reliable way. That’s our business model, we call it people-focused. Because after all, it’s the people that make this great city the amazing place to live that it is!

No matter what you would like a helping hand with our team are available come rain or shine to provide the timely assistance that you have been looking for. All it takes to get started is to pick up the phone and ring us. It may sound too good to be true, and we totally understand that our ‘competition’ have let you down one too many times in the past, but with us the future is so much brighter! Give us a call today and experience the best waste collection Beckton has ever seen.

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