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Every business in the world produces waste and Junk and Gardening can help you become a responsible reduce, reuse, recycle, and recycling business.

We are increasingly aware that the biggest waste producers must be held responsible. The governance and controlling bodies have enforced very stringent regulations and rules to provide that all saleable waste is properly treated and reclaimed to the most elevated norms.

Junk and Gardening has been providing professional and responsible waste disposal and commercial waste collection services in London for many years helping businesses optimize their waste management process. We are London’s leading waste disposal and collection company for commercial businesses thanks to our affordable prices and, secondly, our reliability. Dealing with rubbish and garden couldn’t be easier. We are a flexible and responsive commercial waste collection and disposal company, adjusting our timelines or services to suit your needs. Find out more about our general collection and office clearance in London by visiting our home page.

From restaurant waste managing and medical waste disposal to industrial waste control, we wrap them all and more. If you are a commercial company that needs to collect and dispose of waste in London, contact us now to learn more about our services or book your waste collection. We will meet at your convenience, agree on a garbage collection methodology to minimize disruptions to your operation, and agree on a completion schedule. We will continually seek to supply the most suitable green solution via full recycling. This, in turn, will allow your trade organization to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) while taking care of the environment.

Commercial waste collection and disposal services

We offer waste collection and commercial garbage disposal for companies in different sectors. We are here for all your commercial waste disposal requirements, from industrial to food assistance waste. Our approach is uncomplicated, inexpensive, and adaptable, and you can easily understand that our assistance is environmentally friendly.

We are very proud that we can take really great assignments. In the past, we’ve helped companies completely gut their offices. At the same time, we removed all sorts of offices. Typically, rubbish consists of equipment, furniture, storage areas, papers, books, carpets, and many other fixtures and fittings. The team also cleared rubbish from a retail shop. This, for the most part, included things like shelving, cabinets, and old inventory.

We prioritize stopping waste and strive to build a circular economy as much as possible, in which waste is treated as a reused and repurposed resource.

Junk and Gardening has an expansive portfolio of customers such as property administrators, trade sectors, posts, banks, charities, academies, small and big resorts, and companies in the retail, food service, and industrial sectors.

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