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Recycling cardboard and paper is something that we could all do a little more often. Not only does it give the environment a much needed helping hand. It also saves you precious space in your bins and disposal units.

To make things simple we’re now focusing our attention on helping hardworking people just like you get rid of their waste paper the green way. Want to see how we do it? Read on folks…

Affordable Paper & Cardboard Removal in London

Our commercial paper and cardboard removal options allow every business to wave goodbye to piles of waste paper with a quick call or text. Gone are the days when you have to try and burn it, cram it into a bin, or just leave it piling up in the back office.

Now that you know the CJG team are on the case you’ll be able to transform that pile of waste paper into a priceless green resource. Ideal if you want to find an easy way to ensure your business meets and surpasses its green targets!

Our Paper & Cardboard Removal Services

One of the key aspects of our service is cardboard waste collection but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to paper and card we take it all, no matter where you are or how much you have. That way you can sleep with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you have the number of a team that will always get the job done. It’s part of our commitment to always doing right by our customers so that they can do right by the environment.

By arriving at times that keep disruption to your business to an absolute minimum we ensure that you have a way to seamlessly get rid of waste paper and card. Ideal if you want to have the time and space to focus on what you do best: serving your customers better than the competition.

Expert Paper & Cardboard Removal in London

When it comes to taking care of it all in one quick clearance or collection we know exactly what we need to do to get the job done. The moment you contact us for a helping hand we’ll ask all the questions we need the answers to right there and then. Don’t worry though folks. It’s not an interrogation where we’ll bombard you with questions — just a quick bit of fact finding so that we can plan your service.

Once we have all the details we’ll schedule in your first cardboard waste removal so that all you have to do is mark it on the calendar and wait for us to arrive. On the day you won’t have to lift a finger, all we ask is that you point us in the right direction and check that we’ve done everything to your liking. Once we know how you like things done we’ll take everything onboard and keep up our paper disposal exploits for as long as you want us. It really is that simple when you partner with CJG.

Hire the Best Paper & Cardboard Removal Team in London

The great thing about working with us is that we put you first. That means there are no minimum order sizes. No restrictive contracts that tie you in for months on end. And there’s certainly no delays and chasing.

We know that cardboard disposal is far from the most pressing thing on your daily agenda when you’re trying to grow a business in London. Which is precisely why we ensure that we tailor our services to the needs of your business, and then do everything hassle-free.

That way all you need to do is focus on your customers whilst we take care of the rest. Ideal if you never want to spend hours on hold to the council or waste a Sunday morning taking a van load of waste paper and card to the recycling centre. In short, we save you time and money so that you can use your time to make more money.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Why choose our Paper & Cardboard Removal Services in London

When it comes to cardboard collection London has never experienced a service quite like ours. We turn up when we say we will, and we do what we say we will. If you’ve ever had to bang your head against unforeseen last minute delays and exorbitant hidden charges then this may sound like it’s too good to be true but we have news for you: it is true!

We know how to recycle cardboard so that your waste cardboard never ends up in landfill. Perfect if you want to ensure that your business meets all of its green targets so it can do its bit for the environment. Not only that, but because we’re fully licensed we guarantee that not one single scrap of paper will be fly tipped.

That’s because when you deal with CJG you’re dealing with the finest service that London has to offer. All you need to do to get started with us is pick up the phone and dial: 020 7118 6600


What can be made out of recycled cardboard?

Recycled cardboard is typically turned into packaging for a whole host of products. Companies like Amazon and McDonalds have pledged to source a set amount of all of their card from recycled sources which is a great start.

By sending your cardboard to be recycled you’re getting rid of something you no longer want and also helping the green economy go from strength to strength.

What is waste of paper?

Waste paper is any piece of paper that you no longer have a need for. This could be old invoices and paperwork, damaged or misprinted sheets, or just general waste accrued through the daily running of your business.

How do you dispose of a cardboard box?

Flatten the box by removing the tape and remove all plastic packing material. If possible store it in a cool dry place until your pickup to prevent mould which can stop card from being recycled.

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