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When you look around London you’ll see all manner of construction and building waste that really needs to be cleared. It’s one of those difficult grey areas that make any building project or demolition job all that more difficult. Let’s take a look at the issue in some detail, and then see how the City Junk team are always here to provide timely help.

Why waste build ups are no good for the environment

Rubble, builder’s waste, broken items; you name it, it gets piled up in yards and skips right across the city. The problem is not just the special nature of the debris, or the fact that it’s often near a property, it’s the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be shifted. With the build ups of builder’s waste becoming more and more prevalent we decided that the time had come for us to do something. Our goal is simple: we want to reduce the amount of construction and demolition rubbish with the simple approach of good honest hard work.

Our goal here is not to name and shame any property or company for their clearance efforts. It’s to provide a level of service that will help you get rid of all the construction rubbish that you need. That way it’s better for the environment and better for everyone who lives in the city.

Construction Waste Collection

The Importance of Construction Waste Disposal

Waste generation is frequently unavoidable at a construction site. In reality, in 2016, the building, demolition, and excavation industry accounted for 61 percent of the trash produced in the UK.

The bulk of building, demolition, and excavation trash comprises of concrete, bricks, asphalt, stones, and soil, but you are also likely to create several other forms and types of construction garbage.

If your business is producing this kind of construction trash, it is necessary to administer it correctly and responsibly. This means that you need to check that it is in line with the rules and regulations of construction garbage removal that allow you to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste before disposal. This is essential to assist the United Kingdom to decrease its environmental effects and the demands imposed on our sites.

So, your company must understand how to manage its trash effectively to keep this high quality and reduce the amount we send to landfills. This is vital as resources are limited and you should contribute, especially when they may be readily reused or not squandered.

Hence, the next question arises: how to properly dispose of the construction garbage? Well, one of our company’s specialties is the disposal and clearance of the collection of construction rubbish in London.

We can assure you that there is a great amount of experience behind our work. Our team of professionals worked with many types and amounts of waste. This rich experience can increase your confidence in the reliability and trustworthiness of our service.

We believe that to ensure sustainable development in the future, the waste disposal services should be affordable for everyone. Therefore, on our website you can find many types of services, including construction waste disposal, for a cheap price. This is a win-win situation for both parties. This is because you save money and we commit to our values.

Our team of professionals believes in responsible, ethical, and legal work. We refuse to throw the construction junk on landfills or illegal sites. Our company’s is strictly against fly-tipping. Moreover, we are licensed, which further demonstrates our credibility. To maintain our reputation, we conduct our work responsibly.

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