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When you’re working hard to renovate a building the chances are you’ll encounter the headache that is building waste removal. Everyone needs it, but how do you organise it?

Let’s take a look at how we can make it happen so that you never have to phone around for hours on end ever again.

Affordable Building Waste Removal in London

The cheapest way to get rid of rubble is to phone us. There will be cowboy outfits without licenses out there, that will dump your waste anywhere they can, who will offer rates that seem too good to be true. Always remember that you can incur huge fines for hiring a fly tipper so you should always stick with a fully licensed operation like the team here at CJG.

What are our Builders Waste Removal Services

The art of building waste disposal is something that we mastered many years ago which means we’re not just the most experienced team in London, we’re also the most efficient. Efficiency is the all-important word here folks because it’s what allows us to offer amazing service at unbeatable prices. Because we can get the job done in less than half the time of our competitors we’re more than happy to pass those time savings on to you in the form of low prices.

This honest and transparent approach to business is what makes our building waste collection team the finest that London has to offer. No matter where you go and who you talk to you’ll find that our name is always mentioned when you start asking around for a reliable and trustworthy helping hand. Ideal if you want to find a team that will always come through for you no matter what you need shifting or what the weather has decided to do that day!

Expert Builders Waste Removal Services in London

The next time you need a helping hand with a spot of building rubbish removal we’d suggest picking up the phone and giving us a call. This sounds like sales patter but it isn’t really folks; it’s just good advice that will make your life easier. Don’t feel like we’re trying to tie you down to a costly removal contract that you can’t get out of. We do everything on a per job basis so that you pay for what you need, and nothing more.

This means that you could even give us a small tester job if you want to try us out before you really get started.

Hire the Best Builders Waste Clearance Team in London

No matter where your building waste is, or how much of it you have, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. That way you know that when it comes time to get down to some serious disposal work all you need to do is get in touch with London’s finest.

That alone sounds like music to your ears doesn’t it!

Why choose our Builders Waste Removal Services in London

Our builders waste removal service is designed to make your life easier so who better to call when you want to have more free time? All you need to do is pick up the phone and get in touch with our team on: 020 7118 6600

We’ll ask you a couple of questions that will allow us to plan your job in the level of detail that we’re renowned for. Ideal for ensuring there are no slip ups on the big day.


What is included in our building waste clearance services?

We remove any building waste from your property wherever you are in London. Not only that but we’ll recycle as much of your waste as we can, and we’re also available to help with the cleanup afterwards.

How to order rubble removal in London?

All you need to do is get in touch with us to and share a photo so we can gauge how much rubble you have. Simple!

What do our rubble removal prices depend on?

We bill according to the weight and volume of the rubble. To discuss further please get in touch and we’ll give you a bespoke quotation.

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