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Getting rid of building waste or clearing the way for some DIY are some of the major headaches businesses and homeowners face.

Luckily for you you’ve just stumbled across the expert helping hand that you need to get the job done in no time at all. At City Junk and Gardening we’ve been in the business a long time which means we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to clearances. Take a look at how we’ll get the job done for you when no one else can…

Affordable Strip Outs & Site Waste Clearance Services in London

No matter whether you’re looking to make space for a spot of DIY or are in need of a comprehensive site clearance we’re the team for you.

We put your needs first which means we keep our prices and waiting times down, but never drop our quality or work ethic. That way you have the best service you’ll find anywhere in London, and it’ll all be available to you at the best prices you’ll find anywhere in the UK. Now, we can’t say fairer than that can we folks?

What are Strip Outs & Site Waste Clearance Services?

This a question that we get asked all the time so we thought we’d use a few words to clear things up once and for all. If you want us to move any amount of waste, big or small, then we’ll do it. If you need us to pull it off the wall, ceiling, or floor before we can get it outside then we’ll do it. If you need it carrying the length of the building then that’s what we’ll do.

Just ask and we’ll quote a price. It really is that simple when you use CJG!

Expert Strip Outs & Site Waste Clearance Services in London

We’re the experts at these kinds of jobs which means that we’ll get it done better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else. People ask us why experts would charge less rather than charging sky high rates. Our answer is pretty simple. Our experience allows us to get the job done in half the time of our competitors so we pass those time savings along to our customers in the form of our low prices.

That way we can amass a mountain of glowing reviews and you can save money. It’s the definition of a win-win situation when you put it like that isn’t it!

Sound too good to be true? Let us reassure you that when we say we’ll strip out any and all sized clearance sites that’s exactly what we mean. We leave no stone left unturned in our mission to give you nothing but the best service money can buy. And we don’t even charge all that much for it!

Hire the Best Strip Outs & Site Waste Clearance Services in London

One of the main reasons our customers come back to us year after year is that we’ve mastered the art of the soft strip. This means that no matter how delicate or pristine the surroundings are, we’ll leave them completely untouched whilst we get down to some serious hard work.

That way when you book in a service strip you won’t lose a wink of sleep about any of your prized possessions getting chipped, scratched, or caked in dust. We’re the experts at coming and going without leaving a hair out of place. Ideal if you want to ensure that the moment we leave you all need to do is stand back and admire the fruits of our labor.

No costly clean up. No costly repairs. And never any delays or hidden charges — that’s our promise to you folks!

Why choose our Strip Outs & Site Waste Clearance Services in London

If you want a skilled team that can tackle any commercial strip out with ease then we’re just the people you’ve been looking for. We’ve been in the business for years now and are known as masters of our craft right across London. The reviews and referrals don’t lie so why not give us a try?

Too many businesses over-complicate strip outs and over-charge for what should be a simple site waste clearance. We’re not like that because we always put the needs of our customers first.

To see why London is raving about us get in touch with our dedicated customer service team today. The instant they pick up the phone they ask the key questions that allow us to plan your job so that there are no delays or nasty surprises on the day. From there we’ll pencil you into our diary, quote you accordingly, and then arrive right on cue when the big day arrives.

If that sounds like just the sort of customer service you’d love to have in your life then you know what to do.

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