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The garbage collection we carry out is called “bulky waste collection.”

The bulky waste collection includes any large item that are not needed. For example, old furniture, construction waste, and construction waste or renovation waste. Loosely characterized as anything that won’t match in your jet garbage bags, though we usually take bags as part of more extensive collections.


Whether you need to get rid of an old chair or empty an entire office block of old furniture, we have an easy council rubbish removal solution.

You can clean up after you move into your house/apartment OR manage multiple properties. Property management companies can satisfy the most from our cooperation:

Clear all your bulky waste

Some junk removers in London charge less than you might think. Many bulky waste removal companies will not handle some of the most difficult item people need to remove from their sites, such as bulky household waste. However, we can deal with many bulky, heavy items. We provide services for the large trash pickup. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, you can rely on our service.

If something is too big or bulky to fit in your cart, there’s a good chance we can remove it. We can do all the difficult job on your behalf, so you barely require to raise a finger. We will provide a hassle-free service with affrordable cost for removing bulky waste, and we can also come to your site at a convenient time. No need to make major changes to your schedule or take time off work to eliminate bulky waste.

Green Service

Because Junk and Gardening is an environmentally friendly service that always tries to do the best for the environment, we try to recycle as much of your landfill waste as possible. If your item can be recycled or reused, we will do our best to make them happen.

What bulky waste can we handle?

We may remove many items that other companies in London may refuse to deal with. These include cooking items, bulky old storage equipment, larger furniture, and musical instruments such as pianos. If we ever need to exclude an element, it will most likely be because it is a toxic or hazardous material, not because it is too big for us.

We have built an excellent reputation with rather cheap price, seeing many competitors come and go. We are a fully licensed waste disposal company, and you can be sure to receive a transfer of care notice when we collect your waste, so you know your waste is being properly disposed of.

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