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Furniture Disposal Has Never Been This Easy!

The great thing about getting rid of your old furniture is that you can free up so much space to do with as you wish. Whether you want to spring clean, get the spare room transformed into a guest room, or just have a good old fashioned clear out there’s one thing you need: professional service from a team you can trust. Here’s how we’ll make it happen, the City Junk way…

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Getting the Job Done Right the First Time, Every Time

When you need a helping hand with furniture disposal it can be so difficult to know where to turn for assistance. The secret with our furniture disposal London options is that we always keep things simple when it comes to collection. That way you know you always have the number of a team you can trust.

We don’t just specialise in old furniture removal, we love it and have made it an integral part of our furniture disposal service. We know that these kinds of jobs make a real difference to people’s lives which is why we invest so much time and effort in getting them right the first time. There’s nothing more annoying than having to take another afternoon off work to wait in for a removal team to show up and do half an hour’s worth of work. That’s why we ensure you’re never left waiting for a return visit because we’ve forgotten to check something simple over the phone beforehand.

The Service You Can Rely On

Everything we do is geared towards getting the job done right the first time, and it all starts the moment you pick up the phone. There are too many companies who put the onus on you to ask for what you need, rather than figuring it out for themselves. We do things a little differently because we actually care about our customers, not just our profits. Which is exactly why we take the lead and ask you all the relevant questions we need to the moment you pick up the phone to us. That way we can come fully equipped with everything we need to take care of business in a matter of minutes.

Every furniture removal job is a little bit different which is great for us because it means we never get complacent and always have to refresh our skills. You can think of us as problem solvers who take care of everything there and then. Perfect for providing the helping hand that you’ve been searching for all these years.

Keeping Business Simple

When you want to get rid of furniture London has so many old furniture disposal teams that you can call on, so how do you know you’re speaking to the right one? Well, for starters you need to know they have a track record in this specialist area and know how to get rid of old furniture without the hassle and drama that so often comes with it. Luckily for you we’re just that team and we know exactly how to get the job done without any of the hassle. Perfect for giving you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of the moment you pick up the phone.

We want to get rid of unwanted furniture quickly and efficiently no matter how big the job, which is exactly why we charge a simple fixed price for everything you need. It’s why people are already calling us the cheap furniture disposal London experts! It also means that everything is transparent and straightforward when you deal with us. There are no hidden charges or add-ons that will leave you wide eyed, just simple back to basics help that’s always at the other end of the phone.

We don’t place restrictions on where you have to be in London, and there are no minimum or maximum sizes of job we’ll take on. You can think of us as the helping hand that you’ve always wanted, and we’re always at the other end of the phone to take a little bit of the weight off your shoulders.

The Specialists Who Get it Done Come Rain or Shine

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting up at the crack of dawn and powering through a whole mountain of work. That’s the philosophy that we work by, and it’s one that has seen us quickly grow into London’s go-to disposal team no matter what time of year it is.

Whether you want to save your back in the baking sun, or stay wrapped up warm when London is knee-deep in snow, we’ll take care of everything so that you don’t have to. It’s all about making sure that we have the teams available to dispatch direct to your door when you need us to, and it’s an approach that we feel we’re fully justified in being so proud of.

No other company in London will move heaven and earth as quickly as us, and no other company in London cares as much about doing the job the right way as we do. When it all comes together it really does make us smile!

Specialist Assistance is Only Ever a Call Away

City Junk are the masters of furniture waste disposal not just because we’re the fastest moving furniture disposal company, but because we learn from every single junk and furniture removal. We approach our work like it’s a craft so that we ensure we always learn something, no matter how small, from every single job we undertake.

Whether you want an awkward broken furniture disposal down flights and flights of stairs, or you want a huge and heavy bulk furniture removal taken care of same day we’ll get the job done for you. It’s all about being flexible in our line of work, and we pride ourselves on being the most accommodating team anywhere in the nation’s capital!

The only thing left to do now is book us in and give us a try! I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking that this is where the sales talk falls down and the paperwork starts, right? Wrong! We love what we do and we know that for you to love it that much too we have to keep things simple from beginning to end. There are no complicated forms, just a phone call to get the ball rolling…

The Best Team in Town is Just a Call Away

At City Junk all it takes to book in your unwanted furniture disposal is a quick call in which we’ll ask the questions we need to plan any type of furniture removal and disposal. There are no complicated forms you have to work through, and we put the responsibility for picking the right equipment on ourselves. That way you never have to pay for a return visit because a company put the onus on you to choose what equipment you need when you’ve not the faintest idea!

Sounds too good to be true right? If you want to see for yourselves just how we’re changing the removals game forever here at City Junk then all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial our number. We’ll take care of the rest from there…

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