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Few of us even consider a bed removal or bed disposal until the time comes to change things up and treat ourselves to a new bed. London is a big city so you would think there would be a trained team around every corner but that’s not the case. When you need to get your old bed out of there you may be tempted to go with any old outfit because you think it saves you time. What we guarantee is that rushing your decision will cost you more time and money in the long run.

A licensed company that cares of the environment

Just take a moment to reflect on that subheading.

It sounds like everything you need from a bed removal service doesn’t it? All you really want is a team that are going to provide a simple, affordable and efficient bed removal and disposal service. And you want them to go about their work the right way so that you can guarantee you won’t be fined for hiring a fly tipper.

That’s why when London hires us we will always ensure that we lay out exactly how we’ll take care of the removal, and precisely what we’ll do when it comes to the disposal. Our old bed collection service is all about combining unbeatable customer service, affordable prices, and what’s in the best interests of the environment. We know that if we get that right you’ll never have to phone around the usual London companies ask for help with anything disposal related ever again.

What you should do to make the process easy

When you hire us to dispose of an old bed we’re always happy to offer advice that will help make everything go smoother. In fact, if you follow that advice you’ll see that your invoice can shrink as if by magic because the job takes us a fraction of the time that we thought it would. If that sounds like music to your ears then why not take a look at the following handy hints and tips from our expert team:

It’s time to get that old bed out of there!

Okay, so you’ve heard about what we do and you like the sound of it. Now all you need to do is book us in, get quoted, and then we’ll take care of the rest. The question is how to do that right?

Luckily for you we keep things simple when it comes to old bed disposal. All it takes is a quick call to our team and they’ll ask all the questions they need in one go. Armed with the right information we’ll instantly provide a quote and then turn up precisely when you need us to. Now that’s what you call amazing service isn’t it folks?

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