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Do you want to eliminate old, unnecessary furniture in your home or work? You have come to the proper location. We present numerous old sofa disposal and recycling assistance across London. We will remove your furniture quickly, efficiently, and without harm to the environment.

Steps of our sofa removal service

As soon as the team comes, they will go inside to set the dimensions of the sofa and hotspot. This allows them to develop the best plan for moving forward that saves time and is safe for everyone involved.

The Junk and Gardening team will move your sofa into their car, which is suitable for work and can easily fit this piece of furniture.

If you discover that you have other furnishings or strain that you would like to release, we are glad to do so as long as we have the room. This may influence the final account, but extra expenses will be clear to you before we release anything else.


Why should you select us?

The cleaning and cleaning team is fully insured and uniformed trained, and they are all currently certified for your safety and peace of mind.

And also except the most popular 5-star company in the region. We operate the most delinquent technology and have a state-of-the-art booking method to provide your unwanted sofa collection goes according to plan with lowest dispute.

After we manage your sofa in our tracked current waste trucks, we will guarantee that we will dispose it of responsibly and sustainably operating local waste transfer stations.

Upon completion, you will be issued a waste transfer certificate. This is required by law and gives the customer confidence that your trash and junk are handled and recycled at the correct location.

Where do we suggest our sofa removal services?

We can take out sofas in flats all over London. Keeping our teams in place gives our clients same-day or next-day access to collections and fast response times for all of every our service. Plus, our location means we also know the best and most sustainable recycling centers near your home!

London sofa removal prices

You’re in the proper place if you’re looking for an cheap couch removal service with competitive rates. We price up each couch disposal based upon:

Call us today to get more additioal information. Once you have accepted a cost from us, we will attach to it. We can guarantee that there will be no concealed costs or incidental expenses along the way.

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