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The Simple way to Kickstart Your Garage Clearance

Need to shift the waste, clean out the rubbish, and remove the junk? Want an experienced commercial team to take care of your collection for a price anyone can readily afford? Luckily for you we have the answer here at City Junk because we’ll tackle any size of collection, remove any type of item, and are always available to help a company or a domestic customer! Perfect for giving you options…now let’s take a look at them…

The Team London Has Been Waiting For

No matter where you are in London you’re going to need a garage clearance at some point, there’s just no escaping that folks! Our range of clearance shed options are designed to make things easy and come at a price you can readily afford. All you have to do is book us in and the City Junk team will get that waste and rubbish out of there in the blink of an eye.

There’s No One Better At Same Day Removals

When you’ve been tasked with a garage clearance London will offer you all manner of sky high garage clearance prices that will leave the family finances tight for the rest of the month. The price on the invoice will include all manner of things you don’t need, and the company in question won’t be that helpful when it comes to the day of the collection. They’ll book you in months ahead, leave you waiting with a big pile of rubbish and waste, and come the day of the collection if you’ve forgotten to declare a small item you know they’ll charge you as if they need a whole new team on the job.

We don’t like that way of carrying out a collection, which is exactly why we’ve decided we neither want or need to operate like that. We’re a commercial team, as are our competitors, but that’s where the similarities stop. You can book our team whenever you want and we’ll even clean away your waste and rubbish the same day if that’s what you need!

Even if you have a one-off awkward item, our garage clearance service is everything you need to clean up the waste and dump the rubbish. So, with that in mind how can we ensure we go the extra mile once you book us and help clean up the reputation of removal companies far and wide?

We Get the Job Done When No One Else Can!

When you book us in we come and clean up; it’s as simple as that really folks. There are no ifs or buts about it, we just power through till the sun goes down so that you have the space you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for ensuring there are never expensive callbacks or bothersome delays that slow things up!

We pride ourselves on getting everything out of there in no time at all, but don’t mistake that for rushing the job. We’ve been in the game a long time which means we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to removals. That way you know that you’re getting a fast job, but one that never cuts corners in search of ever-faster turnarounds. We take care of what you want to keep, we never leave a scratch or dent, and we get all of that junk out of there in the blink of an eye. Now we can’t say fairer than that can we folks!

And one more thing…because every garage rubbish clearance is different we learn from every single job, unlike the other garage clearance companies you’ve tried. Those guys so often leave you paying over the odds for last minute replacements because they never learn from their work. We’re the opposite because we not only care about every single customer, we also love the work we do for them. We take pride in it, we’re passionate about it, and we love nothing more than seeing a smile on your face.

All That’s Left is to Book Us!

Excited about your pending garage junk removal after having heard everything we have to offer? We bet you are and we certainly don’t blame you folks! Now all that’s left is to book us in with a quick phone call and you’ll be off and away!

Within seconds our dedicated team will have answered the phone and will calmly talk you through everything we have to offer. Don’t worry, there’s no up-selling or annoying add ons we try and include that you neither want nor particularly need, we just ask the questions that need asking. You don’t even have to have the answers; just send us a photo of what we’ll be tackling and we’ll take it from there.

Life has never been simpler now that City Junk is on the scene!

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