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When you want a helping hand with fridge disposal, who can you turn to for assistance? As you may have guessed we provide the service you need to make things nice and easy no matter where you are in London.

Why we’re in business

When we decided to get into the fridge collection and fridge removal business we decided that our focus would be on the customer, and on the environment. That’s because when we collect any item we know we need to do all we can to help London stay looking its best. For years now we’ve been driving to any location and doing far more than the bare minimum.

Too many people think it’ll be easy to get a low price unlicensed company booked in. Whilst they may do it quickly and cheaply, you certainly haven’t found the perfect deal you thought you had. Just because they can remove your fridge or chest freezer doesn’t mean they have a clue when it comes to the safe and proper disposal of fridges. Fly-tipping is something no neighbourhood is in need of; it’s just wrong which is the number one reason we say to steer clear of an unlicensed company.

The fast removal experts that London can trust

Fridge freezer disposal doesn’t have to be a drawn out and costly service; and it certainly won’t be when you partner with our company. We know that when you contact us about fridge freezer removal that you want your waste removed quickly and efficiently; that’s a given. Where we set ourselves apart is the level of customer service we provide and the knowledge that goes into recycling every single item the right way.

We can remove just about anything you ask us to, and our focus is always on the environment. Now you can’t say fairer than that can you folks?

The other area where we’re proud to outdo all of our competitors is the price that we offer. Because we work quickly and efficiently we can get your waste item(s) removed in double quick time and pass those savings onto you; the customer. Perfect for the service that you can always rely on to be around when you need to get rid of bulky specialist item.

Licensed professionals with an unblemished track record

All of our jobs have one thing in common: when you contact us about disposing of a fridge freezer we start the job with a truck, and end the job at a recycling centre. Look around you and the results of doing otherwise are terrible. Waste piles up in country lanes just outside the city and the environment takes a real knock. And all because a few people wanted to setup an unlicensed business that would try and make a quick buck by dumping your freezer!

That’s why when you contact us we ensure that when we have to dispose of an old fridge we always get the job done inline with the latest rules and regulations. Others may tell you that you can dump them anywhere, but these are complex pieces of equipment with pressurised gas and coolant. Not to mention a whole host of electrical components that need to be safely disposed of. What we always say when someone considers getting an unlicensed one man band to do the job is ‘how would you feel if someone dumped this fridge in your street?’

When you word it like that then it’s a no brainer isn’t it folks! None of us want to wake up to mountains of junk on our doorstep; and why should we!

The affordable choice that always gets the job done

No matter what you need a hand with, when you want to remove a fridge we guarantee we’ll make it simpler than anyone else. That’s because we’ve been in the game a long time and we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to disposing of old freezers.

It’s a job with few shortcuts or quick fixes. Instead what you need is the number of a company like ours that knows how to get the job done right the first time. That way when you pay for the removal of a fridge freezer you know that all it will take is a small payment and a few minutes and that thing will be out of your way for good! We pride ourselves on always turning up early and getting the job done faster than you expect, but that doesn’t mean we rush and miss things.

Everything starts with our dedicated team who are on the phone 24/7 ready to lend a helping hand. They ask all the right questions in just a couple of minutes to ensure that you know exactly what we can and can’t do. That way you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, and we know exactly what planning we need to do the night before so that the job can go nice and smoothly.

The helpful company that is always ready to lend a hand

We pride ourselves on being London’s most helpful company. That’s why we’re always happy to remove anything else you need once we arrive. It’s natural that you only think of these things when you have a man and truck team stood next to you, so we always try to accommodate all your needs. After all, we know that there’s more to be done in our line of work than just the disposal of a fridge freezer.

We hope that by being flexible we can show you that no matter what you need a helping hand with in the future, you’ll never need to phone around for assistance ever again. It’s all part of the end to end customer service that we pride ourselves on. No matter what you need a helping hand with we’ll be there. No matter where you are we’ll be there. And we offer it all for prices that fit nicely within your budget. Sounds perfect doesn’t it folks?

Ready to get started with the removal experts?

Now that we’ve told you just what we can do to make things easy for you hopefully you can see why it pays to go with us every time. All that’s left to do now is book in your refrigerator disposal so that you can get that old piece of junk out of there and make way for your shiny new replacement!

Luckily for you we keep things easy when it comes to the paperwork side of things too. We know that broken fridge removal isn’t the sort of thing you want to spend your entire Sunday afternoon planning so we’ve created a unique system that takes care of everything for you.

Our dedicated team will take your call in seconds and then ask all the right questions that you need to answer in just a couple of minutes. Everything is nice and simple and it stops you from having to guess what equipment we need to bring. We’ve heard how frustrating this approach from other companies can be, so we make sure we ask the questions as we’re the ones with the experience.

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