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This privacy policy describes how we will use your personal data as you access and use this site. Please read our cookies policy, found below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are sent to a users’ web browsers to store information regarding their use of the site, such as the length of their visit and which pages are viewed. These cookies are totally secure and contain no sensitive information, and distinguish this website as belonging to City Junk & Gardening Ltd. When you access this site, our cookies are placed on your computer’s hard drive to permit site recall of your personal information during future visits to the site, collecting data to assist us in understanding our customers’ wants and requirements. Please note that cookies cannot be used to run computer programs on your operating system or to alert or inform you regarding viruses on your computer. We use cookies to help us to provide relevant, useful content, facilitate simple site navigation, and sometimes collect data, such as site visitor and conversion rates, for our own statistical use. You are able to either accept or decline the cookies at any point, and it is also possible to erase cookies from your computer. Please be aware that declining or removing cookies may inhibit your experience of the many features that this website has to offer. We can assure you that all data is for our own use and we will never share any collected data with third parties.
We also use buttons to allow sharing and linking on social networks, and these sites may themselves collect data regarding your activity across the web, including on our website. For more information, please check the individual policies on their websites.

What is meant by personal information and why do we collect it?

Personal information refers to any data that identifies you in any way, or could lead to your identification. Information that we may collect from you could include your name, title, company name, address, phone number, email address, occupation, and credit or debit card information. You do not have to consent to the use of your personal data to offer you products and services and if you wish to decline, you can do so by contacting us by email.

How will we use your personal information?

We will use your personal information to provide you with and offer you services or to complete any transactions that you may have sanctioned. We may also use your data to provide you with important information on our products and services and to endeavor to give better customer service.

Is your personal information kept private?

All personal information provided via our website will be kept confidential within our company employees and contractors and will never be shared with other parties without your permission.

How can you access your personal data and how well is it protected?

For access to any personal information that we have collected, you can contact us via email. Your information is securely protected from unauthorised access and use by up-to-date security technology and limited access servers.

Can you comment on our privacy statement?

We appreciate any and all comments or questions that you may have regarding our privacy statement. If you believe, at any time, that we have not adhered to our privacy promise, please contact us via email and we will make all reasonable effort to promptly and thoroughly assess and resolve the issue.

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