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Treating yourself to some new furniture is a great way to spend your hard earned money. The only problem is when you’re faced with a large bill to take away old unwanted items that you didn’t budget for. When it comes to large unexpected prices, they don't come much larger than bed removal.

The Reliable Bed Removal Service

When many disposal companies come to quote for removing a bed they see it as an opportunity to make a large amount of profit for very little actual output. In their eyes bed disposal is a chance to charge higher than their typical rate purely because they think you are desperate for assistance. It’s a one-off item that isn’t heavy so doesn't require much lifting, but it’s bulky enough that few people will have enough vehicle space to move it themselves.

At City Junk & Gardening we take a different approach: we focus on the needs of the customer safe in the knowledge that thanks for a job well done and an ever-growing word of mouth reputation is all we need. We have mastered the art of old bed collection so that we can carry it out quickly and efficiently and pass the savings onto our loyal customers in the form of our lower than low prices. That’s why when you call our expert team please know that we won’t be offended if you ask us to repeat our quotes, they really are that low, and yes you did hear us right the first time!

The Easy To Deal With Old Bed Disposal Team

We want to take the hassle out of disposing of those large bulky items, and they don't come any larger than your old unwanted kingsize bed and mattress. When you want to dispose of: old bed, bedding, or any other bulky furniture for that matter, just give us a call night or day. One of our expert team will always be available to take your call and lay out exactly how we can help you and your family make some much needed space in the home.

We never take a day off because we love what we do: serving the hard working people of this great city. By waking up early and working till late we ensure that one of our dedicated trucks is always on the roads of the nation’s capital. Moving your junk quickly and efficiently is what we do best, and we would love the chance for you to put us to the test. Don’t be afraid to ask us to quote you for extra bits and pieces, and please don't ever feel that you are limited to asking for help with your old bed. We specialise in junk removal full stop, not just specific types like so many other companies out there.

To learn more about how you can get London’s premier removals team working for you, get in touch today and tell us what you would like a hand with. Getting started really is that simple!

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