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Changing the interiors of our homes is something that we all love to do. The only problem is what to do with all the waste and junk? One issue we find over and over again is carpet removal can be a real headache for many households.

Old Carpet Removal

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When it comes to getting you the help and assistance you need, we take pride in being the easiest company to deal with in the entire city. When you get busy with your DIY and begin removing old carpet from your rooms you soon run into a problem: what to do with it? For something that you think of as only an inch thick, it’s surprisingly heavy and bulky when rolled up and ready to be thrown away. Even more so if you leave it outside and it starts to soak up rain water like a giant sponge.

Luckily that’s where we come in. As flexible and adaptable professionals we love nothing more than showing you just how quickly we can get rid of those bulky items you have been putting off moving for weeks. With our fleet of vans and willing workers we’ll make disposing of carpet look like child’s play as we turn up right on time at your door, ready to get to work. We don’t believe in endless tea breaks so we can charge you for more hours than the job is worth. All we do is take a look at your junk, quote a fair and honest price, and then get busy doing what we do best.

London’s Lowest Carpet Removal Cost

It’s a bold claim, but one we guarantee we can back up without compromising on quality or customer service. Old carpet disposal is just one of the many areas we can help with, but one we know that many households across London struggle with. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to put your mind at ease and say once and for all that we have everything you need covered before we arrive. We’ll bring our biggest van, we’ll take everything offsite, and if you need a second trip we’ll double back and collect the rest straight away.

Removing carpet doesn't have to be a headache, all you need to do is call me and my team at City Junk & Gardening and we’ll finish the job for you. It really is that simple, and please don’t feel that you need to limit yourself to having your old carpets whisked away. We specialise in junk as a whole, not in particular types, so no matter what else you have piled up that you would like to see the back of be sure to let us know. 

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