Couch Removal

Reclaim Your Space: Wave Goodbye to the Old Couch

We are proud to offer old couch disposal because we know it helps transform homes. When you spend money on updating the living room the last thing you want is your old furniture cluttering it up for months. That’s why we keep our costs low so that you can breathe new life into your home no matter your budget.

London’s Leading Couch Removal Service

By offering to lend a hand when you come to dispose of your unwanted furniture we are voicing our commitment to disposing of a couch safely and efficiently. Not only that, but we do so in a way that won’t harm the environment. We love what we do, and we love the neighbourhoods that we work in even more, so we make sure that everything we take off your hands is disposed of in a green and responsible manner that befits this great city.

Our couch removal service is the only choice in town if you are looking to have your old furniture taken off your hands in a matter of minutes, all for a price that anyone can readily afford. When you phone up other companies they will try and add on extra charges for tackling stairs, extra charges for multiple trips, extra charges if you only have a relatively small load. You name it they’ll try it, but with us we turn the problem around and approach it from the point of the customer. We ask ourselves how can we get the job done right first time? How can we make sure they are fully satisfied when we leave? That’s what sets our team apart from the rest.

Help Is Only a Call Away

We know that disposing of a couch can be a tricky business. They’re large and bulky, and take up so much space that you need a large van and at least a couple of people to get one shifted. By picking up the phone to our team you’re not admitting defeat, far from it. You’re getting in the experts that will you save you time, money, and effort that you can then spend doing what you do best in life. Everybody needs a skill and a speciality, ours just happens to be helping you with those awkward loads that other companies will either avoid or charge a premium for tackling.

Don’t just feel that when we answer your call and ask you what you would like a helping hand with you have to say: “Dispose of couch please City Junk!” We’re hear to help with all your junk related needs. Just let us know what else you have in mind and we will be delighted to quote you accordingly. When you deal with the leading company in town, things really are that simple.

To experience the same impeccable levels of service as each of our satisfied testimonials, give us a call today and put our entire team to the test.

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