Electronic Disposal

Every home and business has an old gadget or a pile of waste electrical goods that they don’t know how to easily dispose of. As residents of this great city we understand that need which is exactly why we’re now offering IT equipment disposal with one quick phone call. Ready to hear more? Here’s how we’ll make it happen…

Disposing of Electronics

The experts at getting your electronics out of there

When you want help with disposing of electronics you need to have the number of a service you can trust. That’s why we’re determined to provide you with a straightforward service that you can use to get rid of your electronics.

When you partner with us all it takes is to phone us up and arrange a collection of any appliance you want to get rid of. Many companies may make these kinds of sweeping statements, but we go all in and stand by them folks.

That means when you want to get rid of those annoying waste electrical items all you have to do is ring our collection team. They’ll ask you all the right questions in just a couple of minutes so that we turn up with everything we need to tackle any appliance.

Why electronic disposal matters

You may think that you can hire any one man band with a van just because they offer a low price to remove your waste then think again. An unlicensed service will never provide you with the piece of mind that a professional team like ours can.

This is because they have no track record of disposing of complex electronics. Issues like fly-tipping are commonplace with unlicensed waste electrical disposal companies. Not only is this bad for the environment, it can also result in you being charged for the removal of your waste if it is found dumped in a country lane.

Ready to get started with the best in the business?

When you want to get rid of your waste electrical items there’s simply no one better than the team at City Junk. We can tackle any sized mountain of electronics, and any type of appliance in no time at all. By asking all the right questions before we get started we ensure we provide you with the best in class electronics disposal that you’ve been looking for.

This simple approach is already paying dividends as we’re contacted night and day by customers who want us to get in touch. With our electronics disposal team always on hand to talk you through everything you need to know you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that you have everything in place for your electronics disposal.

Ideal if you want to be get rid of your junk without the headaches that so often come with these specialist types of removal. All it takes is one simple phone call and we’ll be on our way to your door. Just let us know when the ideal time is and we’ll pencil it into our diary right away.

Now if that doesn’t sound like amazing customer service then we don’t know what does!

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