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When you upgrade the family kitchen and spend big on your next fridge there is one problem that often you will not have thought about until it arrives: fridge disposal. What are supposed to do with that unsightly relic that you wish to wave goodbye to?

Fridge Removal Made Easy

At City Junk we love to get stuck in to those jobs that you may feel have been dragging on a long time. We all put off annoying tasks that we’re not sure how to do, that’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately for you all it takes to get the help you need disposing of a fridge freezer is to make a single call to our expert team.

No longer will you have to phone around the council, being endlessly put on hold as you get passed from department to department whilst you try and get a straight answer about how to organise what should be a simple broken fridge removal. Now with a single call you get everything you need sent directly to your door, before your old fridge heads back the same way in no time at all.

Our goal from the first day we opened our doors in London has been to make life easier for the hard working residents of this great city, and they don’t come any more important to us than refrigerator disposal. It’s a job every household will have to do from time to time, and if not addressed it can turn into a nightmare of red tape and fines.

Wave Goodbye With a Single Call

We’ve all seen those people at the dump or the recycling centre who turn up with a giant fridge on the roof rack or in a cobbled together trailer, only to be told that they need to dispose of it elsewhere. They’ve unfortunately wasted time and effort in getting it there, only to be knocked straight back to square one.

Disposal of fridges is something that we know inside out, and something that we are proud to offer hard working households city-wide. We know that disposing of old fridge freezers is something that so many people struggle with for a whole host of reasons. Firstly there are the restricted transportation options. If you don’t own a large van then you are going to struggle, and to lift it in and tie it off safely is at bare minimum a two man job. Then there are the restrictions in place that can feel like a minefield of red tape to the uninitiated. Old style fridges contains CFCs which if not handled correctly can be harmful to the environment which is why you won’t be allowed to throw them into a skip and walk away.

The next time you need a hand with some bulky white waste, give us a call and we’ll be on our way to your door in no time at all.

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