Mattress Disposal

Mattress Disposal: Another Job Taken Care Of

With those big bulk jobs come all manner of headaches. They’re too heavy to lift by yourself. When a friend arrives you realise neither of you has enough boot space. Even if you can fit it in where do you dispose of it? Never fear, City Junk & Gardening is here!

Mattress Removal Made Easy

When it comes to hassle, nothing compares to trying to muscle a mattress down the stairs and out of the house. For something so soft and comfortable they sure do add up to some serious weight, and the way they sag and bend makes you feel like they’re actively fighting against you as they bid to spend just one more night at home. That’s why we always suggest getting the experts in to save you time and effort with all your mattress waste disposal needs.

Mattress disposal & household waste

Unwanted mattress collection is one of our many specialities, and because of the number of households currently asking for it we have made it a priority to spread the word that we are here to help. All it takes is a single call to our dedicated team and we’ll have one of our trucks headed straight to your door in no time at all. Perfect for providing you with the peace of mind that all of your bed mattress disposal needs will be taken care of with one quick and efficient visit from the professionals. If it sounds too good to be true, just take a look at our ever-growing list of testimonials to hear from people just like you who picked up the phone and put us to the test.

The Most Affordable Mattress Disposal In London

Keeping things simple is the secret to great customer service, and as a business that thrives on challenges and meeting the needs of our loyal customers we love nothing more than showing you how easily we can tackle even the most seemingly tricky of jobs. By offering the most affordable mattress removal service in London we are committed to going the extra mile to make sure that you are left 100% satisfied with the final outcome.

Our aim when we wake every morning is to give you the tools you need to get on with your day, without those big bulky items hanging over you. That’s why when you call our team one of the first questions we’ll ask you is: “When would you like us to come?” By adopting a flexible and agile approach to our work, we ensure that we only ever show up at times to suit you. Whilst others may turn up when you are at work, or are trying to put your feet up in the evening, we understand that we work for you. With those little touches combined with our proven expertise, we know that we can make your life easier all the while keeping as much of your hard earned money in your pocket as possible.

To put our team to the test, get in touch today and we’ll make all the arrangements we need to work at a time that suits you.

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