Sofa & Couch Removal

Sofa & Couch Removal the City Junk Approach

When you want to work with a team that you can trust, we pride ourselves on making it happen. Whether you need sofa removal to help you move house, or sofa disposal to clear out some space for the summer; we’re here to make things nice and easy for you. Finding a team in London who know how to take care of every aspect of disposing of a couch can be difficult; so it’s lucky for you that you’ve found us!

A Team You Can Trust

When you want to dispose of a couch the first thing you need to do is ensure the team you work with are fully licensed. Anyone with a van could offer to help you with that old sofa collection that you’ve been putting off for weeks, but you need to ask yourself if they’re a proper disposal service. Remember this; not only are they coming into your home, they’re also charging you for a service that should it go wrong will come back and be your problem.


Improperly disposing of waste is not just a domestic headache; it’s a legal one that can see you having to pay a hefty fine as a result of what an unlicensed team has done with your waste. That’s why you need to look for a fully licensed service, including: picking up, removing, and disposal that will get the job done properly. Don’t be afraid to shop around for a company with an excellent track record before you book anyone in. You may feel like you’re wasting time by not removing it yourself or getting any old cash in hand London service to do it for you, but when it’s all said and done you’ll be glad you left the removal and disposal to the experts.

Why it Pays to go With City Junk: We’re super easy to deal with

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, we’re the commercial collection team that gets rid of your unwanted old couch or sofa the same day. What’s more, because we know how to collect with ease, we’ll take that old junk away for disposal without ever running the risk of damaging your property. In fact, because we’re a dab hand at anything and everything we’ll probably leave it in even better condition than we found it!

If you want to know why it pays to get us to collect, here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll tackle the issue of old sofa disposal. First things first, we’ll ask you about the rough size of the unwanted items you’ve earmarked for disposal. If you want it gone same day then that’s not an issue, but we just want to make sure we turn up with all the tools we need for collection. It’s our way of making sure you always get the help you need when you want to dispose old sofa parts and matching suites. In fact, it’s why our company is known as the most easy to book local outfit around!

What We Can Do To Make Your Life Easier

When you want a local British team that is always ready to help with your old couch disposal then we’re always waiting to take your call London! We believe in a better, tidier, and cleaner London for all, which is precisely why we’re so proud of our couch removal service. Nothing makes us prouder than providing the timely assistance that you need to get your couch or sofa out of your London home with the minimum of fuss. For us it’s a challenge to wake up in the morning and commit to stop fly-tipping from damaging the environment. We’re a local British company with great pride in our area and what we do, so we’re going to keep things looking better than ever!

When you want to take care of sofa removal without running the risk of being fined or penalised then you need to work with a licensed company just like us. Our sofa collection service is second to none not just because we care about the local area, but because of our unrivalled experience.

Everything we do is geared towards making your life easier, which is why we’re never afraid to ask the basic questions so that we can get things right the first time. It only takes a couple of minutes but you’d be surprised at how many others skip this step and then turn up and delay the job at the last minute. Our approach is simple, and it’s all based on the idea of rolling up our sleeves and getting down to some serious hard work. In fact, it’s seen us grow from a startup into a seasoned British company that London can trust. Just take a look at our mountain of online reviews and see what hard working people just like you think of us!

How to Prepare for Your Removal

Ok, so you’ve decided you want to dispose, sofa is ready, you’re waiting, but what else do you need to do in the meantime? Here’s a few hints and tips on how you can make your unwanted sofa collection go even smoother by making best use of our sofa removal service:

- Make sure you’ve cleared anything off your sofa that could stop us being able to lift it.

- Check that there is nothing down behind the cushions that you may have lost.

- Ensure there are no easily breakable things in the vicinity of the unwanted furniture.

- Give us a quick text if there’s anything else you’d like us to take away. We’re always available to do it; we just need to ensure we bring the right sized truck and the right tools for the job.

These four quick things all help to make things run nice and smooth. Think of it as getting the best value money for yourself you can and you’ll find that you fly through everything in just a couple of minutes. Ideal for grabbing yourself a bargain!

Getting in Touch: Time to Book the Best in the Business

Now for the easy bit: getting in touch with our team and finding out the sofa removal cost. We pride ourselves on making junk sofa removal the quickest and cheapest job it possibly can be. That’s when you want to dispose of a sofa all you have to do is phone up our team and tell us what you need a hand with. Other companies will no doubt try and push you to tell them what tools and trucks you think you need; we’re not like that.

We know that all you care about is getting that junk out of there. That’s why we ensure we ask the questions so that you never feel the need to chase or prompt us. With an expert team gathering all the necessary information in a single quick phone call, you’ll have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that everything is taken care of.

Perfect for ensuring you sleep easy at night safe in the knowledge that your disposal job is in the best possible hands. So, don’t delay, get in touch with us today. Once you see the results of putting us to the test the first time we know that you’ll never have to look elsewhere again!

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