TV Disposal

Time for an Upgrade? TV Disposal Made Easy

We all get excited when we’ve saved up for months to buy a new TV, now all that remains is to junk that relic in the corner. Old TV disposal no longer needs to cause you a headache because the team at City Junk & Gardening are on the case.

Disposing of an Old TV

This may seem like a fairly niche problem, after all you’re never going to have to junk a lorry load of TV sets now are you? When you dispose of broken TV that you no longer want, you’ll be faced with all manner of restrictions that you may not have been aware of beforehand.

Old CRT TV disposal is particularly tightly regulated because of the potential harm caused by the internal parts if they are not handled properly. Simply throwing them in a skip or leaving them out on the pavement in the rain in the vain hope the bin man takes them just won’t do anymore. They need to be safely and securely handled to avoid causing unintended harm to others. This is particularly true of the large CRT inside that needs to be professionally grounded to be removed from the unit and subsequently disposed of. Leaving your unwanted or damaged CRT TV out on the street where someone else may come into contact with it is not only insensitive to the local environment, it’s also potentially dangerous.

Just a Call Away

At City Junk & Gardening we understand that often the last thing you want to do is read through all the various rules and regulations before you spend your Saturday afternoon driving around trying to find a safe place to dispose of large TV-based junk.

We want to keep London tidy and make your life easier at the same time, that’s why we offer a quick and easy professional service that is always at your disposal. Our old TV collection service is on call all year round to make your life easy. Regardless of where you live in London, all you need to do to be rid of your old unwanted TV set is to give us a call and we guarantee that we’ll be there in minutes to take it off your hands. With the peace of mind that it will be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, you’ll have the whole day to enjoy resting and relaxing with your favourite boxsets in front of your new TV.

The next time you need a hand with junking your unwanted TV, don’t spends hours baffled by all the red tape involved with TV tube disposal, just give our team a call and let us do the hard work for you. Once you try us the first time, you’ll be amazed how many uses you find for the team who always turn up and get the job done exactly as promised.

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