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The team here at City Junk & Gardening are a hardworking bunch. As one of them myself for many years now I know how hard we work as a group to provide the most thorough and reliable Sutton waste collection money can buy. By being a company based on teamwork we can work in the best interests of our customers, and provide the level of service everyone deserves. Not only that, but because we’ve been in the business a long time we can work with swift efficiency and pass on the resulting savings to you in the form of our low prices.


If you live in London you’ll think of one place in particular when you think quaint charm and comfortable surroundings: Sutton. Refuse collection is a key part of that image because it always teams like ours to keep the area looking immaculate by offering Sutton waste removal to every single one of the hardworking residents who need it.  Let me tell you though, it isn’t just Sutton rubbish removal that we have down to a fine art…

We are proud not to be a one dimensional company. Sticking to a rigid list of services just doesn’t work for us. We find it restrictive and it simply just doesn’t meet the needs of our customers. Let’s take a look at just a few of our specialities.

Our tree service is a favourite with customers far and wide – ideal for removing and making safe any old or damaged tree that is too large to deal safely with yourself. Then we also have our top to bottom Sutton house clearance – perfect for sorting out your rental property in an afternoon, ready for your new tenants to move in bright and early Monday morning. Next up is our Sutton garden waste collection – ideal for getting rid of those bags and bags of trimming that working on your little pocket of greenery can produce. Don’t fancy taking on the bigger garden jobs? Looking to save your back a little in the hot summer months? Not a problem, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through all of the Sutton gardening services that we are proud to offer.

With everything on offer from furniture collection to green waste collection and garden maintenance, we know that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when we introduce you to our services.

To hear from the most professional team in London, give us a call today. Our team care about giving you the helping hand you need whilst keeping the cost down, so what are you waiting for? Get a head start on the garden before summer comes, or get rid of the leftovers from your spring clean today.

Once you try us the first time, we guarantee that you’ll be back over and over again.

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