• Jonathan Rubin

    I had a huge pile of cuttings in the garden . I got a very reasonable quote . On the day there wa more than they expected. I think they had under estimated. We compromised and I only paid a bit more than the original quote for a lot of garden waste removal. Very efficient timely and courteous . Would definitely use again . Jon
    Thank you for using our service!
  • Chris Watkin

    I had so much old stuff in my garage from my time as a painter and decorator. Now that I’ve retired I’ve decided to get into making little wooden boats for the grandkids and I needed space for the new workbench I’ve bought myself. Eduard and his team got everything out of the way, recycled so much of it, and just generally were a real pleasure to have working with me. Thanks so much for your help! Highly recommended.
  • James Lewis

    I couldn’t decide what to do with my garage for years and years so the junk just piled up. When the wife said that I needed to do something I couldn’t decide what to do either! Luckily I found these folks on Facebook and they sorted me out in a couple of hours. Loving the new garage now!
  • Lauren Stove

    I can’t fault these guys. They sorted out my garden in no time at all so I’ve already got plans to have them back throughout the summer. Bravo!
  • Bibiana Mora

    It was a great service, very punctual and friendly.
  • Ali Singh

    I had a couple of large bulky pieces of furniture that had seen better days that people kept quoting me way more than I can afford to remove. City Junk took the job by the horns and said: “We got this.” 20 minutes later I had a nice clear conservatory again in time for summer. Cheers guys!
  • Matthew Jones

    What I really loved about your service is that you never waited for the clock, you just got on with the job and listened to my input. Those little touches make all the difference when someone is working in your home.
    Matthew, thank you for your feedback!!!

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