• Natasha Jones

    It took me 6 years to fill my office with unwanted items, and a matter of hours to clear it! Thanks to your WhatsApp quoting system, I simply sent a picture and awaited a quote! Fantastic, friendly service that I will certainly be recommending to all of my colleagues.
  • Sharon Thomas

    I cannot thank your friendly team enough for helping me through such a difficult time in emptying my parents' home. After losing my father, I'd dreaded clearing it out, but City Junk not only helped to discard the junk, but helped me to sieve through the keepsakes. Fantastic team.
  • Ahmed Ali

    Resourceful and cost effective. I'll be sure to use City Junk & Gardening alongside my building company in the future.
    Thank you for business!!
  • Greg Dickinson

    After 10 years and two children, my two-up two-down had accumulated a ton of unwanted rubbish! Thanks to City Junk, the move into my new spacious house was hassle-free. I honestly can't thank you enough!
  • Jessica Lloyd

    Top quality service. I would not hesitate in recommending this fantastic team to anyone. Thanks again for your commitment and hard work!
  • James Lewis

    Not only did City Junk dispose of all of my unwanted rubbish, they also tidied up after themselves. An exceptionally friendly service, too. I'll be sure to contact you in the future for the next spring clean.
  • Rhys Roberts

    I felt overwhelmed with my garden at the beginning of spring, but thanks to City Junk &; Gardening I now have a blank and tidy canvas on which to arrange my shrubs. Not only have I fallen back in love with my green fingers, but also with my garden that was, not so long ago, a nightmare!

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